Monday, May 2, 2011

The Form of the100-Freshman Experience

We developed a series of models to consider how learning might take place in this experience. Below is a sketch of the most generic version, which can accommodate a range of activites that we might imagine taking place.

I've reframed our conversation a bit into the Kolb learning cycle. This cycle was useful for me as a framework to describe the range of things that we might undertake together.

The qualities of this model of learning are:
1. Whole set of activities is based on the Kolb learning cycle;
2. Students will be engaged in individual versions and groups versions (project) of each step in the cycle;
3. The time is structured to allow self-organization, self-direction, individualized learning ("studio") and guided instruction ("structured");
4. The faculty's main role is creating a path for self-paced learning prior to the projects (won't work for all subjects), formative and summative assessment of mastery of learning objectives, guidance/teaching as needed.

Our next step is to do the detailed work of laying out the exact courses and their sequence, beginning with a winter-quarter freshman cohort. 

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