Friday, February 11, 2011

3rd Person Call Network -2: Working within the culture

The Research Group convened for their second call. As we described what we were experiencing within our system, they acknowledged that we needed to find a way to work within the current culture, which can be characterized as overwhelmingly busy.

The NSF officer confirmed the national interest in the process of institutional change around transformative learning and teaching initiatives like the one we are attempting to grow.

The new MATH, STAT and ENGL folks have joined us as thought partners as a result of our shifted strategy to find partners.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Announcing ENGL, MATH & STAT thought partners

We are happy to welcome Kathryn Rummel (English),  Samuel Frame (Statistics), Ginger Hendrix (English), and Colleen Kirk (Math) as thought partners for the Spring 2011 quarter.

They will be among those really asking "What would it take to launch the envisioned 100-student freshman cohort?" from the angle of the learning that should take place.

The faculty group meeting to consider these questions will be:
Lynn Moody (Soil Science); Matt Ritter (Biology); Peter Schwartz (Physics), Kathryn Rummel (English),  Dan Villegas (Economics), John Chen (Mechanical Engineering), Samuel Frame (Statistics), Colleen Kirk (Math), Ginger Hendrix (English), Tom Trice (History), Linda Vanasupa (Materials Engineering), Nina Truch (Communication Studies), Neal McDougall (Agribusiness), Lizabeth Schlemer (Industrial Engineering) and Craig Stubler (Soil Science).