Research Network

This list represents a group of individuals who are participating as thought partners to the educational innovations taking place at the California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo.

Robin Adams, Assistant Professor, Engineering Education, Purdue University
Dr. Adams is researching the nature of change and change agents in university settings. She also in interested in interdisciplinary learning environments, design thinking and learning. She is also an alumna of Cal Poly.

Emily Allen, Associate Dean, San Jose State University, San Jose, California
Dr. Allen has enriched SJSU’s engineering programs by the bridging learning in corporate laboratories and classroom teaching. She also the founding director of SJSU’s Materials Characterization and Metrology Center.     
Susan Ambrose, Associate Provost for Education, and Director, Eberly Center for Teaching ExcellenceCarnegie Mellon University | Dr. Ambrose’s work illuminates the intersection between the science of learning and the experience of learning in higher education (How Learning Works: Seven Researched-based Principles for Smart Teaching, Jossey-Bass, 2010).

Helen C. Chen, Research Scientist, Center for Innovations in Learning, Stanford University
Dr. Chen’s research explores how technology can support collaborative and deeper learning through a concept she calls “folio thinking.” She is a core team member of ePortfolio California.

Alicia Dowd, Associate Professor, Rossier School of Education and Co-Director, Center for Urban EducationUniversity of Southern California | Dr. Dowd conducts socially conscious research, examining the dynamics of institutional cultures that systemically disadvantage particular groups in higher education.

Roberta Herter, Professor, School of Education and Center for Teaching and Learning Faculty Associate, California Polytechnic State University | Dr. Herter has studied how institutional culture influences teaching and learning. She is interested in the narrative created by agents in the process of change.

Crystal Lo Vetere, Faculty, Geography, Cerritos College. 
Ms. Lo Vetere is completing an Ed.D. in education. Her research compares international educational collaborations for social ends with those with economic motivations.

Alice Pawley, Assistant Professor, Engineering Education, Purdue University
Dr. Pawley is known for integrating feminist perspectives into engineering education. She is developing ways to measure students’ mastery of concepts for sustainability in engineering design.

Jinny Rhee, Associate Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, San Jose State University
Dr. Rhee is at the forefront of developing courses that bring environmental and societal considerations into courses that integrate these perspectives from the different disciplines.

Ruth Rominger, Founding co-Director & Director of Learning Design, Monterey Institute for Technology and Education |Ms. Rominger and her partners represent the educational vanguard of open educational resources, leading the development of open access high-quality learning materials and creating learning communities for their use.

Liz Rozell, Professor and Director of Engineering, Bakersfield College
Professor Rozell is the founding director of the Engineering Program at Bakersfield College, which she developed to serve largely Hispanic student population in the Bakersfield, California region. 

Lizabeth Schlemer, Associate Professor, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo
Dr. Schlemer researches engineering educator as a practitioner in project-based learning and through the assessment of learning for continuous improvement. 

Jonathan D. Stolk, Associate Professor, Engineering, Olin College of Engineering
Dr. Stolk has focused on the role of intrinsic motivation in engagement for deeper learning and creativity in engineering learning environments.  He has been a leader in integrating developmental psychology into teaching practice.