Thursday, January 27, 2011

Planning, Recruiting and Seeking Key Partners

Given the institutional deadlines for scheduling, we will use Fall 2011 for recruiting freshmen for the Winter 2012 full-scale start date. We will not attempt a 1-quarter trial with sophomores.

Block-scheduled freshmen in Fall 2011 courses are being analyzed for their value as places to recruit or find freshmen design partners for the Winter 2012 start.

We are in need of key faculty partnerships from math, English and probably statistics departments. We would like to purchase a full course release for a faculty member from each of these places to participate in our Spring 2011 on-going planning.  If you're interested, MATH/ENGL/STAT interest.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

3rd Person Network Initiated

In early December 2010, the network of external advisors met in cyberspace. This group of 14 practitioner researchers are interested in the process of change in education.  This group will meet once a month to witness the process and serve as thought partners.

Interdisciplinary Faculty Collaboration begins a stepped start

The field testing has begun...10 faculty representing all six Cal Poly colleges have initiated field tests so prepare for the full-scale launch. We are experimenting with peer-to-peer learning, team-learning, self-directed learning, using social media and on-line resources to enhance intrinsic motivation and learning.

Given scheduling dates, the group decided to set January 3, 2012 (Winter quarter) as the official launch date for the planned 100-freshmen student cohort. They are also considering a 1-quarter trial in Fall 2011 with sophomores.  More to come...

You can access the on-going record of faculty experiences and meeting summaries at this blog.

Input contributed by: Neal MacDougall, Nina Truch, Pete Schwartz, Liz Schlemer, Tom Trice, Dan Villegas, Lynn Moody, Linda Vanasupa, Matt Ritter, and Craig Stubler, Colleen Kirk and Liza Demsetz.