Sunday, January 9, 2011

Interdisciplinary Faculty Collaboration begins a stepped start

The field testing has begun...10 faculty representing all six Cal Poly colleges have initiated field tests so prepare for the full-scale launch. We are experimenting with peer-to-peer learning, team-learning, self-directed learning, using social media and on-line resources to enhance intrinsic motivation and learning.

Given scheduling dates, the group decided to set January 3, 2012 (Winter quarter) as the official launch date for the planned 100-freshmen student cohort. They are also considering a 1-quarter trial in Fall 2011 with sophomores.  More to come...

You can access the on-going record of faculty experiences and meeting summaries at this blog.

Input contributed by: Neal MacDougall, Nina Truch, Pete Schwartz, Liz Schlemer, Tom Trice, Dan Villegas, Lynn Moody, Linda Vanasupa, Matt Ritter, and Craig Stubler, Colleen Kirk and Liza Demsetz.

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