Sunday, September 4, 2011

We're not alone in these radical ideas of education

Sometimes I get the feeling that our vision for education is "off base."  It's rare, but it is always nice to hear others advocate for the same kinds of things.  Here is an example, compliments of Ruth Rominger:

An excerpt:
"To succeed in our fluid/agile world, we need to think less about defining/measuring a fixed content/curriculum, (less about worrying and playing defense), and more about creating some overarching patterns evidenced in the process of learning to learn. Not only does that make learning/life more fun, intellectual learning and affiliated capabilities are amped as the motivation is intrinsically driven by the pleasure of finding things out and by understanding wicked problems."
Four suggestions for what they call "detox"...1. Notice the unlikely; 2. Dream boldly; 3. Connect to people/info and ideas; and 4. Do what matters most. 

From the Chronicle of Higher Education:

"If colleges want to justify the value of their degrees in the future, they better start creating learning environments where their students can be creative, try things out, and on occasion fail without being penalized. Where should they begin?"

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