Sunday, March 27, 2011

Faculty Design Meetings

The interdisciplinary faculty collaboration will be meeting this quarter to design the details of the 100-Frosh Immersion Project set to launch in January 2012.

These are the dates and locations where we are meeting:
Tuesday, March 29, 3:10 PM- 5 PM | Kennedy Library 510B
Wednesday, March 30, 11:10 AM - 1 PM  | Kennedy Library 510B

Thursdays, 12:10-2 PM | Kennedy Library
all weeks in April, Room 202A
all weeks in May & June, Room 202B

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Student Recruiting

Now that we have a start date we are beginning to think about the steps necessary to recruit 100 freshman in January 2012. The recruitment subcommittee met on February 24. After checking in and getting a caught up on the status of SUSTAIN, we decided on a couple key action steps.

1) we developed an approximate timeline for recruiting students. See the image to the right.

2) we decided that we wanted to generate some "teasers" for Cal Poly's Open House in April. We began investigating what that might look like

3) we started a facebook page with the help of a student on the committee. Here is the link if you have facebook yourself.

Stay tuned for more information on student recruitment.