Monday, May 16, 2011

The Contraints for the Narrative

Alright all!  Imagine the following:

Imagine that we have 100 freshmen in Winter 2012 who are going to participate in 2 consecutive quarters (I've dropped one because my attention ); See below how this class shakes out.

You are the faculty member. How will you prepare for this thing to work out successfully (however you define that).  Bring a narrative of this for this Thursday if you have the creative spirit to do.  Have fun!

 I've only done 2 quarters to simplify.

Students are from all colleges: CLA (15); CSM (15); CAED (15); COB (15); CAFES (20); CENG (20)
They are engaged in groups of 5-8 in up to 15 different projects selected from the list of available themes posted on the April 15 blog entry.

Winter 2012
Courses clustered: HIST216 (all 100 students); ENGL134 (20 students); ENGL148 (25 students); COMS102 (55 students); PHYS141 (30 students); PHYS121 (40 students); PSC110 (30 students); 2 unit university activity; Priority registration for a course offered in the morning (recommend MATH)

Spring 2012
Courses clustered: ECON201 (70); ECON221 (30); ENGL148 (50); COMS102 (45); BIO114 (100); MATH142(30); MATH118 (20); STAT217 (20) STAT252 (15) STAT 218 (20); 2 unit university activity; Priority registration for a course offered in the morning

The structure of meeting:
Looks a little like the May 2 blog entry on structure.
Monday through Friday, block schedule of 3 hours 2:00-5 PM.
Hours of 12-2 are set aside for faculty who want to meet daily for an hour (e.g., ENGL148).

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  1. Is anyone familiar with menu driven assignments?