Thursday, August 4, 2011

Day 2 of SOAR: Engineers!

New discoveries (for me):
SOAR is organized by college. Today we had about 30 engineers.

Today's group was markedly quieter and somehow exhausted at a visible level.  Groups continue to show up with absolutely no knowledge or context of what we are doing. 

Biggest challenge: communicating the message of what it is, answering questions, getting their input, debriefing their input in under 30 minutes.

Students' response: What would make the the experience worthwhile to them? 
potential to enhance employability; learning valuable skills in the "real world" (the most responses on this theme)
having fun, opportunity to travel
no lectures, meaningful projects
keeping on track to graduation

There seemed to be a high level of engagement from a subset
All students expressed intrigued when first hearing about it. There were several questions about the details. At the end, about 8-10 students remained interested and added their names our contact list. 

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