Monday, June 13, 2011

A Head's Up for Recruiting Timeline and Needs

The process that we are not following puts a couple of stringent requirements for recruiting. The most critical one is that we must, but October 8, create a list of all 100 students in the test cohort and each of their MATH/STAT needs for the following quarter.  We must do the same for the 100 students in the quasi-control cohort.  That is:

By October 8, 2012, we have:
List of 100 SUSTAIN freshmen and their MATH/STAT needs for W'12
List of 100 "similar" freshmen and their MATH/STAT needs for W'12

I believe we also need:
List of 100 "similar" freshmen and their ENGL/COMS needs for W'12
Why do we need this listing? It seems that to keep the integrity of the research, we want the "quasi-control" to have at least half of their courses similar to the "test" cohort.  All students need ENGL and MATH, so it seems that if we block enroll these students in these courses, we can ensure that at least half their experience will be similiar.  [This reasoning is of course open for examination.]

What will we do with these lists?
100-SUSTAIN: We will map these students into individual MATH sections offered in W'12 prior to noon and submit this list to the MATH department.  If they approve of the listing, the list will go forward to enrollment/scheduling, for those students to be block enrolled prior to the registration process.

100-QUASI-CONTROL: We will create a similar mapping for the MATH and the ENGL courses for each student, W'12. Or, we may submit the information to enrollment/scheduling for them to block enroll. TBD.

Recruiting. The SOAR contact may prove to be very important. The person to speak with is :Andrene Kaiwi-Lenting.

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  1. Yes!!!! October 8 is very close. We have a lot to do......yikes