Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Intent + Alternative Learning Resources

We are now in the process of considering the design of the learning experience.  We need to detail out 3 critical areas: the form (or structure), the process of learning, and the materials that would be used to learn.  We are to consider these inside the intent of the 100-frosh immersion initiative.

The intent of what we are doing is to add value to the students' learning experience in four critical areas (the underlined items are the four essential learning outcomes of an educated person in the 21st century, according to the American Association for Colleges and Universities):

  • Integrative learning within an interdisciplinary setting;
  • Focusing on sustainability as a way to gain knowledge of human cultures and the natural world;
  • Learning in the context of community-based projects as a means to cultivate personal and social responsibilities;
  • Develop the capacity for systems thinking as an intellectual and practical skill.

Potential Resources for Process and Material in some cases
If you're teaching something that is kind of "linear," where one concept builds on the next, or there are foundational skills that enable higher-level skills, you might want to consider the following resources. - complete courses for college - educational media managed by Stanford University - short video clips for learning a range of topics - a searchable database of learning materials - higher education course designed by content experts and learning scientists - higher education courses with video clips and closed captioning
i tunes university - a compendium of podcasts from places like Stanford, MIT, Yale, Oxford + more

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